Tips for Dealing With IRS Updates and Audits

The IRS often sends notices to taxpayers if they need to make adjustments or provide additional information on a tax return. These letters provide simple, clear instructions on how to proceed, and clients can follow these tips after receiving notice of an irs tax audit new orleans.

Remain Calm

Although it may be somewhat alarming to get a letter from the IRS, clients shouldn’t panic. Over one million taxpayers get these letters each year simply because they forgot to sign their returns. Some notices require payment, some ask for additional information, and others notify taxpayers of changes to a return. With doan law firm from a tax expert, most issues can be handled without the need for audit representation.

Understand the Reason for the Letter

Taxpayers are selected for notices and audits for one or more of these reasons:

Random selection according to statistics

Discrepancies between source documents and the tax return

Questions as to the return’s accuracy. A client may get a notice of correction with a request for additional payment.

Only the CP-90 notice allows the IRS to take action. After this notice, the agency must wait at least 30 days before levying the taxpayer’s bank account. During this time, an IRS audit representation service can provide help with appeals. Call or click today to find out how an IRS audit advisor can help taxpayers deal with the Internal Revenue Service.

Respond Correctly

Most correspondence with the IRS can be done via mail, but some questions are better answered over the phone. Call the number at the upper right corner of the IRS notice and be ready to provide certain information. Responses should be concise and clear, and they should be mailed to the address on the upper left corner of the notice.

Retain Records

Keeping copies of tax returns, source documents, pay stubs and canceled checks is always a good idea. When dealing with IRS agents on the phone, get their names, ID numbers, times and dates, and other information. While this info may seem insignificant now, it can be invaluable if an audit actually happens.

The last point is perhaps the most important. baker law firm sends correspondence through the US Mail, and clients should never click links in emails that are supposedly from the IRS. These tips can help clients deal with information requests and IRS audits. For additional information or to schedule a consultation, call the Bryson Law firm today.

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